Goodwill FAQs

Let's Answer Some Questions

What is Goodwill Industries of New Mexico?

We are a private non-profit agency that provides skills training, job development and social services to New Mexicans. We take the donations we receive from the community, sell them in our 13 retail stores across the state and generate money for the programs and services we offer free of charge.


What services do you provide?

Click here to learn more about our programs and services.


Is there a fee for your services?

Goodwill services are free.


Who does Goodwill serve?

We serve the residents of New Mexico in the areas of skills training, job development and social services.


What do I do first if I need help from Goodwill?

Contact Us. Tell us if you want Goodwill to work with you to acquire skills training, a job in the community, or social services.


What donations do you accept?


What donations do you not accept?

    • Household chemicals, insecticides, cleaning products, paint
    • Tires, automobile/truck parts, oil, gasoline, fluids
    • Any wet or soiled clothing or furniture
    • Mattresses
    • Box springs or household appliances
    • Used building materials (concrete, bricks, stones, scrap iron, etc)
    • Used bathroom fixtures (sinks, tubs, toilets, etc)
    • Firearms and ammunition (we do accept antiques)
    • Food
    • Televisions


Does Goodwill do home pickups?

Unfortunately Goodwill Industries of New Mexico is not set up to do home pickups. However, we do have donation centers located across the state to make donating easy and convenient. Plus, our donation attendants can assist you in removing items from your vehicle once you arrive in a donation center.


How else does Goodwill generate income for its employment programs? 

Our main source of income is from our retail stores. We also research and cultivate donations and grants from foundations, government agencies, corporations and private individuals.


If I want to make a cash donation to Goodwill, how can I do that?

Mail: Marketing Department, 5000 San Mateo Blvd. N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87109
Hand Delivery: To any Goodwill facility

Remember to make checks payable to Goodwill Industries of New Mexico. Goodwill is a nonprofit organization, so your contribution is tax deductible and 100 percent of your donation will go to programs serving persons with barriers to employment.


I’d like to donate, but with so many charities out there it’s hard to choose and trust how my money or donated goods are being put to good use. How can I make a wise choice?

Typically, a good rule of thumb is to seek out organizations that put at least 60 percent of their revenues back into its programs. Goodwill Industries of New Mexico is proud to say that it puts over 92-cents or (92%) of every dollar we spend back into our programs and services.


What happens to the items that do not sell?

Items that have been on the regular retail sales floor for five weeks and have not sold, are removed and sent to our secondary market stores. The Clearance Corner and GoodBuys 99-cent store are located in Albuquerque and offer items at deep discounts.  However, if an item still has not sold at one of those two stores, it is then recycled.


Are all Goodwills across the country the same?

No. All Goodwills are operated independently. We all have very similar missions, but how we accomplish our missions varies from one Goodwill to another.


Since the donations are free, why can’t you just give them to people in need?

Goodwill is not set up as a relief agency and are not able to give items away. It was the intention of the donor to have us sell this item in the our stores so we can generate money for our programs and services.


What is Goodwill’s return policy?

Learn more about Goodwill’s return policy here.


Does your Goodwill chapter use the Special Minimum Wage Certificate? 

No, at Goodwill Industries of New Mexico, we do not utilize the special minimum wage certificate or 14(c) certificate.